Blessing Children

childblessing.jpgFamily Camp is usually a place where people gather to play and enjoy being together as a family while gaining some spiritual truths along the way. Memorial Day 2014 will be remembered by a group of people from various churches attending a family camp in north central Illinois. 

One evening, they gathered together for an inter-generational prayer and worship encounter where God’s presence was very evident. Many will be changed forever by the sweetness of the Spirit. 

As quiet worship played in the background, children from 0-17 years of age were called to the front of the room and fathers and church leaders came up to lay hands upon their heads and pray scriptural blessings over each one. Some suggested Scriptures were handed out, Bibles were available, and two large signs with printed blessings were available for the men to reference as they prayed. For many, this was a completely new concept. That morning, they had received some teaching on the power of blessings, and now was the time to get some hands on (literally) experience in not just hearing about it . . . but doing it! Jesus in Mark 10:16 too held children in His arms and blessed them.

The children sat quietly on the floor . . . some with their heads bowed and others looking up at the men who were praying the word of God into their lives. It was a very holy moment to witness and participate in. 

There is no way to measure the impact this simple act had on both the children and those who prayed over them, but one can imagine that many hearts were moved and the heart of God was pleased. It was suggested that such times of blessing could become a special part of the worship services of some of the churches represented . . . and an important element of family prayer times in their homes.

Praying Family small.jpgWant more information on praying blessings over children and for others? Check out The Praying Family: Creative Ways to Pray Together by Kim Butts. There is an entire chapter focused on blessings.

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