Developing Praying Men

Pastor Rich Laskowski and Christ Community Church of Brazil, Indiana, have recently started an ingenious way of getting a good core of its men to pray for the church. At their April men’s breakfast, Pastor Rich shared on the importance of men praying and then asked his men to commit to doing something every Sunday morning, five minutes ahead of the worship service.

Now every Sunday morning, several guys walk up to the front of the sanctuary and put their hand up. This signals a call to all men. Immediately a larger group of men come forward, get in groups of four or five and begin to pray for the morning service. They pray for the power of the Holy Spirit, the Lord’s presence to be evident, for an anointing on the worship and spoken Word, for the kids’ ministry going on during the service. All the prayers are very focused on what takes place that morning, not on needs, the community or other agenda items.

Pastor Rich had given the men at the breakfast a laminated card with a prayer to start them off, but no one uses that now. Each week, this church of 150 sees 10-15 men storming the gates of heaven. It has been so successful that now the prayer groups start forming about 10 minutes ahead of the service, to give more time to prayer.

To do this in your own church you need a place to challenge the men, explain what they need to do, provide some prayer points at the start so it won’t get off into needs’ praying, and probably remind them the first few weeks. If given a specific prayer agenda, and a plea from their pastor, many men will rise to the occasion!

--Jonathan Graf (C) 2016 Harvest Prayer Ministries
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