Celebrate What God Is Doing in the Midst of His People

During a corporate worship service, have a time of prayer and thanksgiving for the ministry of the Body of Christ:

Preparation: Paper and writing utensils, or large posters with markers available to the congregation.

Instructions: Ask this question from the front and keep it posted on the screen: What is God doing or how is God moving in your life and/or in the midst of this community of believers?

During an appropriate time in the service, allow people to move to tables, posters, etc. to respond to the question.

Some possible responses might be:

God is saving my marriage.

This church helped my family during a difficult time and showed us the love of Jesus.

We are sending missions teams to the least and the lost continually.

Our church body is feeding the hungry and ministering to the poor.

Our small group plays Bingo at the nursing home every Tuesday.

After a few minutes…read or post some of the responses. Have a season where prayers of thanksgiving can be offered to God for all He is doing in the midst of His Body! Rejoice and celebrate God’s goodness together!

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