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Here are discipling tools you can use to Pray the Word:

PTW church.jpgPray the Word for Your Church is the newest product in our Pray the Word line. It will stimulate you and your congregation to use Scripture as you pray for God's purposes and power to be released in your church. More than rote prayers, Pray the Word for Your Church will move the user beyond the actual prayers in the book. This resource also includes a 21-page journal to help you organize the specific Scriptures and prayers you want to pray for ministries and individuals in your own congregation.

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PTW cover 31 dayssmall.jpgPray the Word: 31 Prayers That Touch God's Heart. A booklet with a month of prayers, plus bonus prayers on Putting on the Armor, Praying for Your Community, etc. This is available through your local Christian bookstore or at Multiple copy discounts are available at

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Free downloadable version (Note this is not formatted the same way the print booklet is. This is an earlier version developed by the Evangelical Church of Bangkok)

pray the word 90 dayssmall.jpgPray the Word: 90 Prayers That Touch the Heart of God. Three months of dynamic Scripture-based prayers that can open your life to the work of the Holy Spirit. Each pray includes space to journal what God might be saying to you through the prayers. This is available through your local Christian bookstore or at

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Free Downloads

These downloads are all of the 31-Prayer version of Pray the Word. They were developed by the Evangelical Church of Bangkok.







appleapp.jpgApps for IPhones and IPads is now available for free at the Apple App store. Simply search Pray the Word to find it. Apps for Android Smartphones you will find it faster by searching Praying the Word.

Articles and Other Helps

27 Reasons to Pray the Word of God 

Solid Foundation: an issue of Prayer Connect magazine that was about the power of praying the Scriptures. Click for a free download. 

solidfoundation.jpgSolid Foundation booklet. This resource includes just the theme articles from the Prayer Connect issue on praying Scripture. They are formatted into a little 4 x 6 pocket-sized booklet. Churches can purchase copies in bulk for as little as .59 each (when buying 100 or more copies). Its contents will inspire people to pray God's Word.

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